Meet VegAnne

Nutrition education has always been a prevalent theme in my life. From my teen years to the present. As a wife and mother of five girls keeping everyone healthy was a primary goal for the happiness of the family as a whole. When I started experiencing digestive issues in my mid 30’s getting more specific about my own health became imperative. After becoming aware of the plant based lifestyle and educating myself, it became my lifestyle. I became certified in plant based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies in 2015 and my health has improved greatly. I no longer have digestive issues, no more sinus infections twice a year and my perpetual itchy red eyes went away. My skin started to glow. Blood pressure and cholesterol were excellent. I became excited to share my knowledge with others by teaching cooking classes and holding events for others to grow their awareness of this wonderful lifestyle.

Plant Peace and VegAnne’s Kitchen are an outlet for my passion to teach others. I can creatively show people that food can heal our planet, feed our bodies for optimal health and be delicious at the same time. VegAnne is committed to create an environment where people can be open minded while learning and growing a plant based lifestyle. Cultivating seeds of peace one bite at a time!

A healthy lifestyle should not be complicated or expensive, and it should not be a fad to get results quick. It should be a lifestyle, sustainable and enjoyable. A whole food plant-based diet should improve your health steadily over time.

Our family now experiments with new foods and recipes and all of us are so much healthier. The certificate provided me with knowledge and critical skills to understand what a critical role food plays in determining our health and longevity. We can choose healthier foods that taste great and satisfying. I started teaching Plant-Based Cooking Classes the same year I earned my certificate. I chose the name VegAnne because I feel by simply consuming more veggies and fruits, we can improve our health significantly.  I am excited to share my knowledge about all the fantastic foods that I had missed out on for so long because I felt so limited.

VegAnne is committed to create an environment where people can be open minded while learning and growing a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

Plant-Based Nutrition – A wholistic approach to health and wellness