What motivates me? What REALLY motivates me?

When I think of what motivates me, what moves me to keep exercising, to eat healthier, to educate myself I think of reasons such as, I want to be able to run and play with my future grandchildren. I want to be healthy and active as I age. I want to be a good example for my girls. I want to be attractive to my husband, I want to feel good. I want to educate others and I want to show others that they too can give themselves the wonderful, beautiful gift of good health and wellbeing. While all these reasons are true, there is an underlying, much bigger, driving factor that keeps me on the move. This reason trumps all the others and rears its ugly head from time to time. The true deep down reason I jump out of bed each morning and plan my day around my physical activity is FEAR. Fear that I will go back to that place when I physically couldn’t do much of anything. Fear that my back will go out again one day and I will be back to square one. Fear that I will end up in a nursing home unable to care for myself like my father. Fear that if I don’t eat right I could develop heart disease and diabetes like my dad. Fear that I will develop osteoporosis like my mother who is so tiny and frail when you give her a hug you have to be careful because you feel like she could break. This type of fear gets reinforced when I do things that cause a temporary set back in my health like the time I decided to ride my stationary bike in “tri” position. Now keep in mind tri position is to ride your bike with your elbows down on specially made handlebars that keep you in a streamlined position for more power in your legs while competing in a triathlon. Do I ride in triathlons you ask? Well…..no. Is my bike fitted with these special handlebars? Again, noooo. Then why was I trying to ride in “tri” position you ask? Well, the answer to that is I wanted to see if my back could handle it. My husband rides in triathlons and rides so much faster than I do. I had to see for myself. I definitely felt the power in my legs by being in this position for the half-hour or forty- five minutes I rode this way. It felt great! Fast forward, next day, Oh, crap! My back! I could feel that my back definitely wasn’t fond of “tri” position. I was hurting and I needed to get to my chiropractor (the chiropractor is the primary reason I can walk today). These types of setbacks that I create (and I’ve had many) reinforce the huge fear that at any moment I could do something to my back that I will regret and have to pay for it by being inactive for a period of time while it heals. I guess some people wouldn’t risk taking chances or maybe would stay inactive to avoid any setbacks or pain but I know I have been able to overcome my challenges and It motivates me to keep on moving. Fear can be a great catalyst for change if used in a positive way. I love Leanne Kallal’s chosen definition of fear as, “an opportunity for self-discovery and self-growth; a well of untapped personal power and strength; the gateway from wishing and wanting to doing and being.”  I choose to use this fear to prove myself wrong, I choose to turn this fear into POWER! I will not become that which I fear and “I have not come this far ONLY to have come this far.” It is my wish for you to have “inspired action” over fear!

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