Today Was Half Marathon Day

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While I’ve been training for months, I can’t believe it has come and is now over. I was able to accomplish goal of finishing without walking. There were a few times when I wanted to walk for just a bit. I hesitated, almost came to a stop but then would look at my sharpied arm and read what I had written, “I haven’t come this far ONLY to have come this far.”

I knew if I stopped and walked, I’d have to commit to another half marathon some day and finish without walking. (I did NOT want to do that) although I may run another half marathon I definitely now can choose to so without the pressure. Lol (New goals). I’m was encouraged by all the support, kind words and advice from friends and family

You all were in my thoughts as I ran today. Those words were pivotal in my success. I was so happy to see my husband come back and run with me to the finish. Every time I see him waiting to run with me, I know I can’t give up!! (And yes, he finished before me and came back and also yes, he has done this many times for me) My sisters Therese and Mary, Evan, my niece Elizabeth and her husband Kris and the two kids, all encouraging me to the finish!! From the girl who never thought this was a possibility encouragement means the world!!

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