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The past week was a very busy week around the One Dude Ranch (our beloved farm name because Scott IS the one dude on the ranch.) We cut down old dead trees and planted new beautiful baby maple trees. One for each of our daughters. Then we added a split rail fence along our driveway. This has been planned for years but one of those things that is the first to get pushed off when times get busy. The property is shaping up as our daughter’s wedding gets closer and closer.  We held her wedding shower here over the weekend and everything was beautiful. Especially Brittany! 

The garden is offering up more and more produce this week. The peas are coming in hot and heavy. Each day I go out and pick a container full. Radishes are getting as big as beets and the beets are currently the size of radishes! My zucchini plants are loving the fresh rain and should be giving an over abundance of zucchini soon. The butter yellow lettuce is on the menu this week and will be the centerpiece of our salad. I’ll add some fresh picked kale to the salad for a deep green contrast to the chartreuse butter lettuce.

I found the most beautiful green and black and yellow striped caterpillars munching on a few dill weeds in the garden. I’m sure the momma bird that has nested in the garden barn flower basket has also noticed the black swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. She is constantly swooping in and out of the garden looking for food for her hatchlings. I’m glad I have enough to share with all the hungry creatures. I always over plant! I also read that butterflies only hang around healthy and uncontaminated areas. Makes me feel good to provide safe space for the pollinators. It also  makes me feel good to offer wholesome produce for everyone to enjoy. I do not use any chemicals or sprays on my produce.

I hope you all are savoring the peaceful moments as well as the moments of transition and transformation as much as I am these days. I try to keep in mind the beautiful baby caterpillars that have taken up residence in the garden and how they must grow and change each day to reach their life’s potential and I look forward to marveling at them when they soar around my garden in the near future.

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