It’s A Wrap!


A wrap is my typical breakfast.

I also include a banana and apple. My wrap is made with mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potato for my spread and seitan.
Seitan is vital wheat gluten, many are avoiding gluten, but this is a rich source of protein for me. I feel no adverse effects from it. Quite the opposite.
1/4 cup provides me with 21 grams of protein! It’s also a good source of iron. I feel like this meal provides me with all the energy I need to go for a long run or do a one to two-hour workout and not be hungry.

It’s a meal that is also low in fat and high in fiber which heals my body. I also agree with the saying “every bite can feed your body or slowly destroy it” I do my best every day to feed and fuel my body like an athlete. Some days are better than others. Nourish well

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