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2021 is here!! This new year brings the hope of new beginnings and a resolve to grow and overcome old challenges. My personal motto last year was “Inspired Action”, which I carried throughout 2020, reinventing how VegAnne would continue to bring awareness and education and healthy meals to all the people who chose to be part of a plant based lifestyle while being physically and socially distanced due to COVID 19. My 2021 motto is “Make it Beautiful”. This year as we are all hoping to see an end to COVID with vaccinations and life beginning to return to normal. This means a full return of reengaging in group settings. We may continue to be thrown some curveballs and road blocks this year but we can still make it beautiful!

This year I intend to offer more educational classes as well as cooking classes, outdoor classes and potlucks. VegAnnes kitchen will soon be offering premade frozen meals along with online credit card payment options as well. My class schedule at VegAnnebrighton.com has been updated for the year and classes are open for sign up. Class sizes will be limited to 6 people so appropriate spacing can take place along with other COVID safety precautions instituted to insure everybody’s safety. See

VegAnnebrighton.com for the full COVID protocol in place for all VegAnne events. New events and event details will be updated to the calendar as well as we move forward.

Some of you may have noticed “Plant Peace” listed on my website and on my emails. This is something you’ll be seeing much more of. Plant Peace is my larger vision and goal. The main focus is cultivating seeds of peace through community awareness and education in the areas of
health and wellness, sustainability, and a plant based lifestyle. VegAnne’s Kitchen is one pillar within the Plant Peace mission. I’ll be offering more classes and events and related products based on these topics. Much more to come in the months ahead as this takes shape.

I’m especially looking forward to see you all again along with an exciting year ahead.

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